Thursday, March 5, 2009

Neil Davis on Sleep in Saturdays with Matt Want

Matt Want hosts a local talk show on 660-KFAR on Saturday mornings from 10 to 11 am, choosing a different topic each week. This Saturday's topic is the US health care system and Neil Davis has been invited to be on the show. You can call in with questions or ask for advice; the phone number is 907.458.8255 (458-TALK).

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Mountain Home said...

Rural Clinics such as Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation will only see uninsured in the emergency room.
This causes more exspence to the patient. Also, some of these places received mega bucks from pharmasutical companies to do double blind studies. According to Robert Clark and the board of Director of BBAHC (FOR THE GREATER GOOD). Sounds like Germany to me.
How many people have complications to the double blind studies that are not covered by insurance?