Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prognosis for the Future of "Mired in the Health Care Morass"

After last evening's superb event at the Blue Loon, I predict that Neil has no idea how important this book could become. It has every important element crucial to the major review and total overhaul of our horrific health insurance debacle in the USA. Because it is so personal and detailed, it is a natural ally to Michael Moore's film "SICKO". This is why the interviews with Marcia Angell and Elizabeth Warren were so fitting for the opening of the signing party. The first thing we need to do is send Moore a copy with a free pass to read this blog. Some clever legislator may seize it too, but right now that's unlikely as they are submerged in the middle of the session.

Neil has done us all a huge service. Now please everyone, READ THE BOOK!! You won't be sorry!

Your local Solarhero

Another review from LibraryThing

A second LibraryThing reviewer has posted comments about Mired in the Health Care Morass:
An excellent book that focuses on the state of health care costs for the uninsured. The under-insured and the insured have much to gain from the exhaustive statistical details in this book.… The book is not a sentimental one but a refreshing look at a father's attempt to understand how the health care system in the US charges for each procedure, medication, in and outpatient visit and makes a compelling argument and a very strong case for reform in the health insurance "industry" along with an accurate look at how we as consumers can and should take charge of our health care. Otherwise, we may end up paying for mistakes (documented in the book) of the various personnel in making coding errors or charging according to outdated schedules. Anyone facing a chronic disease--anyone who uses their health insurance at all, this book is an easy read with documentation.
This reviewer found the book's citations of websites to be a drawback, expressing a preference for more peer-reviewed print sources, but wrote, "however, these may be difficult to obtain considering the subject matter."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Public discussion of health care March 18

With Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation trustee Richard Seifert acting as master of ceremonies, author Neil Davis and Mike Powers, CEO of the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, will give a short presentation on the healthcare situation in America and Alaska today, followed by an informal Q&A and discussion. This will also be a book release party in the convivial atmosphere of the Blue Loon theatre, club, and bar, where the attendees can eat dinner while they participate and celebrate the publication of a much-needed guide through the byzantine billing methods of our current healthcare system.

Where: the Blue Loon, 2999 Parks Highway

When: 5:30 to 7:30 pm, March 18, Tuesday evening

Please come and bring your perspective and experiences to the discussion!