Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dose of Reality: My Rogue Big Toe Two

Neil Davis' December Dose of Reality continues with the (expensive) lessons learned from his ingrown toenail:
Since last reporting I have again managed to inveigle my way back into Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for a few more days to explore the staff’s expertise in the use of modern diagnostic capabilities designed to unravel the secrets of how my rogue big toe could cause so much havoc. Adding that into the mix of my three other hospital stays plus several days experience with Home Care personnel, I can now say that during the past month or so I have had an unusually comprehensive exposure to the ways of modern medicine. I’ve learned all about emergency rooms, medivac flights, intensive care units, cardiac units, surgeries, cardiac rehab and physical therapy centers, MRIs and various other scanning technologies, plus the supporting function capabilities typical of hospitals and clinics. Considering all this, perhaps it is not amiss to claim that this past month or so my interaction with modern medicine was of such an involved nature that few having such an intensive and comprehensive experience have lived to tell the tale. (Tee, hee; that’s a joke. Did you get it?)