Sunday, July 20, 2008

Latest review, from Alaska Health Policy Review

Lawrence D. Weiss, Anchorage Daily News blogger of Health4all and editor of the online journal Alaska Health Policy Review, has come out with a detailed and positive review of Mired in the Health Care Morass. The review appeared in the July 16 issue and the excerpt below is reproduced by permission of Alaska Health Policy Review, Weiss has extensive experience in public health (PDF of his CV) and designed the Master of Public Health program at the University of Alaska Anchorage.
I found this book to be interesting, challenging in some of the more technical areas, extremely informative in those same areas, and especially interesting because of the Alaska focus. I recommend this book to anyone faced with large medical bills. I recommend this book to anyone who has a serious interest in the structure of health care financing in Alaska or nationally. I recommend this book to all health care and public health professionals, and I think this would be an excellent book for classroom use at the university. I commend the author for his ability and desire to turn personal tragedy into a public resource that will educate and help others.
One aspect of Weiss' review that is unique is his attention to the images of Patricia Davis' artwork that were used as chapter ornaments. Most of the figurines depicted were created during her ordeal of chemotherapy, and had significance for her that related to her health issues. The images were selected with this in mind.

Weiss describes the book chapter by chapter, commenting that the author's "writing style is straightforward and factual" and that "[t]he book includes an excellent glossary and, unlike many books in recent years, a detailed and useful index."

Addendum: this review also appeared on Health4all in two parts (see links at right).

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